"The camera is working very well I think. I’m getting lots of good shots and am very grateful to you for it. It would be a waste not to record so much that is fascinating."

From a letter to his parents written July 11th, 1950 on the
No. 1 Mail Train of the East African Railway near Jinga, Uganda. Photo taken in the Rift Valley on the same train trip.

J Tuzo Wilson

Travel Photographs of J.Tuzo Wilson

J. Tuzo Wilson was first and foremost a geophysicist. Blessed with a robust physique and a love of travel, he delighted in studying as much of the physical earth, his area of research, as he possibly could. As he also possessed intellectual curiosity that reached far beyond his own field and a good camera that he liked to use, he serendipitously became a recorder, not only of geological features, but also of the diversity and wonder of nature and human activities. The photographs here are a sampling of some of the things that caught his eye when on his world travels.

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